Bénédicte STREIT

It is along Italian masters that Bénédicte STREIT was trained in Rome, Italy. She was quickly spotted for her talent. For several years, she learnt the ancestral skills of gilding and artwork restoration.

She has been involved in many churches’ restorations including ‘La Chiesa Di Onna’ and ‘LaChiesa Paganica’ rich with gypsum details and gildings. She also led many palaces restorations and decorative creations for individuals, including numerous original creations: whitewash frescos, restoration of gypsum details and gildings (Palazo Della Famiglia GAROFALLO in L’AQUILA).

Five years later, back in her native Provence, she worked together with the BOEUF workshop for the restoration of the ‘Hôtel d’Arménie’, a heritage building located on Place de la Préfecture in Marseilles.

Her own workshop, IL DITO MAGICO, was created in 2000. Bénédicte is curious enough to constantly improve her skills and assert them. She became a reference for the artwork lovers (individuals and antique dealers) but also for the public offices in charge of heritage buildings.

Master of ancestral techniques as well as cutting-edge decorative technologies, Bénédicte’s workshop is the perfect blend of age-old traditions and contemporary trends. The worlds created are very different from each other. Companies and individuals looking for elegance are regularly entrusting her with the decoration of their living and working spaces.

"A painting lives only by the one who looks at it."

Pablo Picasso 

IL DITO MAGICO, Chemin des Peupliers, 13530 TRETS - France

Tél. +33 (0)6 25 05 24 20