Artwork restoration

Il Dito Magico, the savoir-faire at the service of art

You are…

An individual,

An antique dealer,

A contracting authority,

And enthusiastic about art.

Entrust IL DITO MAGICO with your precious art pieces…

IL DITO MAGICO’s workshop is specialised in the restoration of monuments and ancient items: historical buildings, sculptures, paintings, furniture…

We can fix them or return them to their original appearance while taking care of their physical and historical properties.

We are able to use cutting-edge technologies in order to assess the conservation state of the item and chose the most suitable technique for its restoration.

IL DITO MAGICO’s workshop analyses the reasons of the damages inflicted to the items and makes the assessment of the restorations required.

We precisely plan the duration of the required works to return the item to its original appearance.

It all starts with an accurate assessment of the item allowing us to decide between a preventive preservation or a restoration that would maintain as much of its original properties as possible and join the restored parts to the original ones with all the care that such a piece requires.



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